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e ●you a ticket at half-price—six francs. 癖 I snatched the note out of his hand.The go●bli


ns catch that scatter-brained consul! He had● unburdened himself as follows:— ▓ Dear Friend:?/p>


? The bearer, F▓rank Harris, is an American sailor withou●t funds who wishes to go to Egypt.K


i▓ndly sell him a ticket as cheaply as possib▓le, and oblige, etc., etc. —— ——, Am


erica●n Consular Agent. Utterly indiffer

We will discuss what do you want

ent t●o the rain, I sat down against a pil?/p>

Our work

駆ar outside the office.Four paltry francs ●rattled in my pocket.Long, penniless days on?/p>

See all how we work


?the Jaffa beach seemed my promised lot.S▓tevedores were struggling to breast the to▓we

Neil Armstrong / 1st man walk on the moon

ring waves.Now and then a giant comber ●overturned a laden rowboat high● on the beach.Barefooted na▓tives waded into the surf with to▓urists in their arms

Meet the team

.Each warni▓ng whistle seemed to thrust Egypt▓ further and further away.If only— ● I

Afnizar Nur Ghifari

felt a tap on the sho

Afnizar Nur Ghifari

ulder.A ●young native

Afnizar Nur Ghifari

in the uniform of ▓G

Afnizar Nur Ghifari

ook and Son was bendin

Blue Avenue #33, King Leonardo 33821

g over me?/p>

? “Go on bo

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